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How to get real jewelry without the fake stuff

You’ve got the best of both worlds when it comes to real jewelry, with real gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires that can be found in stores.

But it’s also not cheap, and not all of them are as good as the stuff you’ll find on eBay or Amazon.

So here are 10 of the best fake jewelry alternatives you can buy today.


Real Diamonds From the jewelry store chain CVS, you can get real diamonds from jewelers that claim to have the highest quality in the world.

You can get them in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the best are the 3.5 to 5 carat size.

CVS sells them in various colors from black to emerald, and in a few sizes and colors too.

The best one is the 6 carat diamond that comes in a solid color.

It’s made of 3.55 carats and is priced at $20,000.


Real Ruby or Sapphire The real gems are often called diamonds, and they’re just as valuable as the fake ones, but they are made of more pure metal.

They are also harder and more valuable than the fake diamonds.

The Ruby or the Sapphire gemstone is the hardest gemstone, and is worth about $20 a carat.


Real Silver The real silver in a diamond or sapphire is not the silver that you see in a jewelry box.

It is silver that’s been polished to a mirror-like finish.

It has a silver-to-white ratio of about 0.6:1.

This makes it harder than the diamond and sappo diamonds, which have a ratio of 0.2:1, but not nearly as hard as diamonds made from platinum, which has a ratio 0.1:1 or less.

The silver is the most valuable because of its value as a barometer for purity.


Real Gold The real gold is a rare find in jewelry boxes, which are popular among collectors.

The real metal is mostly pure silver and gold, but there are small amounts of gold and platinum in the stones, as well as some other metals.

The most common way to get the real gold in jewelry is to use a diamond to make a replica of the diamond or the sapphat.

This is a less expensive alternative to buying a real diamond.


Real Polished Gold The other alternative to purchasing a diamond, the real polished gold, is also rare, but it’s usually sold in a much bigger box than diamonds and sapps.

The polished gold is also harder than diamond or sapphires, but has a much lower value.


Real Bar-Metallic Diamonds A bar-metallic diamond is a type of diamond with a bar that’s made up of diamonds of different colors.

They have a greater surface area than the pure-silver diamonds, making them harder and easier to cut.

The bar is usually made of diamond and a layer of other metals, including gold and silver.


Real Antimony A bar with a surface area of about 1/8 of a millimeter or less is the best way to obtain a real antimony, or antimony metal, because it’s less expensive than the other two alternatives.

Antimony is the second-hardest metal in the periodic table, after diamond.


Real Cobalt A bar made of cobalt is also very rare, and it’s not as valuable in the marketplace as the diamonds.

But cobalt has a higher surface area and is much harder than diamonds.


Real Topaz An antimony bar made from a topaz is the other rarest bar-metal.

It doesn’t have a shiny surface, but is made up mostly of the purest of antimony.


Real Nickel A real bar-meter of nickel is much more common, and a real bar is much easier to obtain than a fake bar.

A fake bar is only as valuable if you can’t find it at a store, and you can only buy it at the bar-store.

The more important consideration is that it’s a better way to measure purity.

So whether you’re looking for a diamond ring or a genuine one, it’s always better to have a diamond that’s more valuable.

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