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Aquamarine Jewelry Holder, Standing Jewel Box, and Aquamarine Necklace for $15

By DANIEL J. ROSSMANThe New York Times MagazineIn an effort to sell a new line of Aquamarines jewelry and bracelets, a New York City jewelry company is offering a pair of standing jewelry boxes for just $15.

The boxes are made of two pieces of acrylic.

The acrylic is sandwiched between two glass beads, one of which is held by a tiny, gold-plated screw.

The jewel box is made of a special type of silicone, which can withstand temperature and pressure.

The glass bead sits between the two pieces, and the screw holds the bead.

The product was launched at a trade show for the company called AQUAMARINES.

The product is available only through the company’s website, and is available for $25.

The company also has a similar product in the works for the Canadian market.

The Aquamarin jewelry box is meant to be used for the same purpose as a stand-alone jewelry box: holding the jewelry for display.

Aquamarin said the product is being marketed as an addition to jewelry, not as a replacement.AQUAMARRINES says it started selling the Aquamaris jewelry box at the New York trade show, and that it is intended to be the perfect addition to a jewelry set.

The box, which costs $25, comes in three different colors.

A fourth color, black, will come in the spring.

The box has a slot that is intended for attaching a small clip, which the company said can be used to hold jewelry items.

I love the way it’s designed, says Diane Rastro, Aquamarrins founder.

It’s a little bit of an accessory, but it’s also a very stylish piece.

It’s an interesting design, and it’s something I can’t wait to see what other brands come up with.

For more from the New American, check out the latest issue of the Times.

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