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Watch and bracelet from Limoges that has the best bang for your buck

The jewelers Limogess in Italy has been selling its collection of handcrafted jewelry and handcrafted watches since 2005.

It’s now owned by Luxury Jewelry Group, which also owns the jeweller Gianluca Visconti.

It makes up the biggest part of the jewelry company’s jewelry collection, with over a million pieces in its portfolio.

However, some of its most popular watches have been sold at auction, including the Limogesses watch, the most expensive watch in the company’s collection.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at the top five most expensive watches that are currently on the market, from the smallest to the biggest.

The Limogesto Limogests are a limited edition limited edition wristwatch with a price tag of over $1,000.

The watch features an aquamarine case, a domed dial with a black hourglass and rose gold hands, and a crystal and sapphire display.

The case is finished in a matte black, and the strap is decorated with a white gold clasp.

The original Limogers are also known for their large handcrafted handbags, with the latest offering being the Limogs 3-Piece Bag.

This bag features a black leather strap, gold plated wheels, a gold buckle, and an embroidered “Limoges” logo on the chest strap.

The other notable watch from Limogs collection is the Ligurian Limogeti.

This handcrafted watch, which is only available for the sale at its shops, is an all-metal watch with a case made of black titanium.

It also features a titanium strap, which comes in two sizes, and has an hourglass at the 5 o’clock position.

The next item to be mentioned in this article is the new and improved Rolex Sport Chronograph.

This is a brand new model of the iconic Rolex that has been updated to be waterproof, as well as with a date window.

The dial is a stainless steel, with a gold-tone bezel, and it comes in a limited-edition of 1,200 pieces, for a price of $9,999.

The model also comes with a chronograph, which features an hour glass at the 6 o’ clock position, as opposed to the 5 position of the original.

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