New York City jewelry store opens its doors for the first time in decades

Sep 25, 2021 Earring

NEW YORK CITY — It’s the same place that sold you the hottest shoes in town and the hottest watches in the world.

Now it’s bringing you the best jewelry.

Jewelry Tree, a New York jewelry store that was founded by jewelry designer and jewelry store owner Domenico Boccaccini, opened its doors in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood Monday.

“We started with the idea that we wanted to open a store where we can make jewelry in the comfort of our own homes,” said Boccacini, who previously opened Boccamos Jewelry & Co. in Manhattan.

“It’s a big step for us, because this is the place where we are now.”

The store will have five locations across the city, and will open to the public in September, Boccaco says.

“I’ve always loved New York and wanted to go there for years,” he said.

It’s very busy and it’s the center of the city. “

The Gowanus Corridor is the perfect place for me.

It’s very busy and it’s the center of the city.

It just makes me feel very comfortable.

It feels like I’m at home, so I’m really excited about it.”

Boccacca, who has been making jewelry for decades, is not the only designer making jewelry here.

His wife, Joanna, is also working on a jewelry store.

“They are both really good,” he told The Associated Press.

“This is not a business where you just get an idea and start working on something.

It takes a long time.”

The Brooklyn location is the first store to open in Brooklyn in 20 years.

“To have this kind of opportunity for this brand and this brand is great,” Boccini said.

He said he will open a new store in the West Village in October.

The store’s owner, Robert P. Cauce, said the store will be more like a gallery or gallery space, with a focus on jewelry.

“Every piece will be unique, the colors will be interesting,” he added.

“Each piece is going to have something special to say about its owner.”

The jewelry store opened in 2006, when it was owned by the late jewelry designer Mandy Miller.

She was a lifelong Brooklynite and her husband, Robert, was the store’s first owner.

Causce said his wife’s legacy lives on in the store.

His goal is to create an atmosphere that feels like a family home.

“There’s no pressure,” he explained.

“That’s my passion.

That’s why I’m so passionate about it, that’s why we started here.”

The first store opened by the Boccas in Brooklyn was a jewelry shop in a New Orleans church, and the couple relocated to New York to open the store in Brooklyn.

It became a popular destination for women looking for handmade jewelry and accessories.

“For me, I grew up in Brooklyn,” said P.J. Boccaca, who started working at the store when he was a teenager.

“My dad made this jewelry store and he passed away in 2006.

It was a great loss.

I was raised there.

How did they get to this place?’ “

You see the store and you think, ‘Oh, my God, what is this?

How did they get to this place?’

I’m very proud of what we have here.”

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