When the world of fashion is a ‘pink bubble’, Lauren B makes an honest statement

Aug 24, 2021 Ring

Jewelry, fashion and beauty have always been at the centre of the world.

And it’s not just the two that are here, but a whole new generation of people have become inspired to try and express their individuality.

Lauren B has spent the last 10 years building up her own boutique and the world has finally come around to seeing what she’s created, and why.

“The first time I was introduced to the concept of jewelry was when I was 18 years old,” Lauren said.

The world has been waiting for a new wave of designers to take the lead in fashion and this is one of them.

“[The new wave] has really changed everything, but I think it is a bit more important than ever before.”

The world is going from blue to pink, but the new generation are embracing the idea of ‘pinks’.

“We are seeing a lot more people who want to express themselves and express themselves in a new way,” Lauren told Business Insider.

So what makes Lauren B so special?

“It’s the fact that she knows her audience,” she said.

“I’m an artist who likes to create and I don’t know what my audience wants to see but I know I want to make something that people will like.”

“People who are into fashion have always found the brand, the way I do it, is fun.

It’s a new medium.

I like to bring the best out of the people I work with.”

The thing I love about the brand is that it has a lot of colour, it’s a very personal thing.

“Lauren’s collection is filled with some of the most striking, colourful and stunning pieces available, but there’s also a collection that is more affordable.

It’s all about simplicity and comfort, but with that comes a lot about style.

Lauren says that her aim is to provide people with something they can look forward to every day.”

For me it’s about giving people something that’s not going to break their bank, but something that they can afford to wear,” she explained.”

There’s so much more to do in life, so I like having something that I can wear everyday.

“It also means that the designer doesn’t have to rely on her own talent to do her job.”

Every single piece I create, I’m using the same person and the same process,” she says.”

When I started out, I didn’t have the confidence to create something, so that’s when I had to be really patient and try and do it all myself.

“It has a bit of a life to it and that’s what I love.”

The beauty of Lauren B is that she has a wide range of options for her collections, and the whole world can be inspired by the way she wears her jewellery.

“This whole thing has changed my life,” she concluded.

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