Watch the new ‘The Bachelor’ teaser video, with ‘Dirty Jobs’ star as contestant

Aug 17, 2021 Brand

WATCH: The Bachelor: Watch The Bachelor teaser videoWatch: The New York Times previewed the upcoming episode of The Bachelor, airing Sunday at 8 p.m.


Watch now: The first clip from the teaser features the title “Dirty jobs,” and features the voice of Ashley Graham.

In the clip, Ashley is seen in a dark suit, holding up a camera.

It also shows Ashley and Dasha with a few more pieces of jewelry on their necks.

The rest of the clip is set in the studio, with Dasha and Ashley walking down the hallway and then into the bathroom.

Dasha looks down and sees Ashley’s jewelry, and she tells her: “Look at that, that’s not right.”

The next clip is a sneak peek of Dasha, who is still in the makeup.

Ashley’s first question to Dasha is about a job she does for a man named Mark.

Dress is a question, Ashley says, and Ashley responds by saying: “No.

No job.

That’s my job.”

In a second clip, Dasha walks into the shower and says: “Let me check it out, I don’t know if it’s working.”

Ashley asks, “Are you sure you can do this?”

Dasha replies, “I don’t even know if I can do it.”

Ashley replies: “You do.

That’ll show me.

You’re a good girl.”

Ashley and her new partner go to the bathroom and Dashas clothes are changed.

Dash says, “You look beautiful, Dash, I can’t wait to do that.”

The video ends with Ashley saying, “Dasha, you know what, it’s time for us to go.

We have to get married.”

Ashley has previously said that the Bachelor franchise will return in 2018.

Ashley Graham has not commented on the new video.

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