Hawaiian jewelry company wraps its collection in a wire wrap

Aug 10, 2021 Brand

Wire wrapped jewelry and bracelets are among some of the most popular items that can be found at most Hawaiian shops.

However, a Hawaiian jewelry store has been making a conscious effort to make sure the pieces are carefully wrapped to make them less likely to get lost or stolen.

The Honolulu-based company, which has locations in several Hawaiian islands, wraps jewelry and jewelry accessories in a custom-made, metal-reinforced plastic, called wire.

The wrap is then sold in small, inexpensive, and high-quality pieces.

Wire wrapped pieces are sold for $30-60 a piece, which is a lot cheaper than many Hawaiian shops will sell you.

They can also be found in small groups, with different pieces wrapped and sold together for the same price.

“Our goal is to create a collection that is unique and that is not a clone of anything else,” said the store’s owner, Kiki Alani, on the company’s Facebook page.

“That’s a goal that we have.”

The company sells the pieces in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and sells them online.

They’re also sold in specialty stores, such as a Hawaiian chain, or at online auctions.

Alani has been selling wire wrapped pieces for about a year, and she’s sold a lot of them.

Alana says she can see her customers coming from all over the world.

“It’s just something that’s a bit more unique to Hawaii than most other places, especially the Pacific Islands,” she said.

The company also sells wire wrapped watches and other jewelry.

“We have an online store that is full of wire wrapped items that are priced to reflect our price range,” Alani said.

Alania said she sells the wire wrapped and wire wrapped bracelets for $50 a piece.

The wire wrap is used for wrapping jewelry in the store, and the pieces also sell for $10 each.

She said she doesn’t sell any of the pieces to tourists.

“I do sell a limited number of items,” she added.

“But I try to keep it very low-key.”

Alani and her husband, Paul, have been running the Hawaiian jewelry shop since the store opened in 2017.

They started selling the wire-wrapped pieces as a hobby about a decade ago.

“The first thing we did was to create our own website, which was a bit confusing at first,” Alana said.

“Then we added our own Instagram page, and now we have over 10,000 followers.”

Alana also sells some of her jewelry online, including the bracelet, which she sells for $60.

She does not sell jewelry directly to tourists, though.

“Some people do buy these pieces,” Alania explained.

“They buy them because they’re looking for something to wear.

But it’s not something I would consider something that you would wear on a date.”

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