How to get a diamond ring from a bridesmaid

Jul 13, 2021 Material

A bride might find herself in a bit of a pickle.

There’s the fact that she can’t have her wedding ring engraved with a particular piece of jewelry.

There are the potential complications.

And there are the cost.

Bridesmaids can have a ring engraved by the brides husband or a jeweler.

In many cases, that ring will cost a couple of hundred dollars.

“If you don’t get it from a jewelers you can get it on eBay,” says Marie, an expert in bridal jewellery at the British Museum in London.

Marie and her husband, John, are brides from New York, and are looking to get their wedding rings engraved by a jewelry maker from New Jersey.

(In a typical ringmaking process, each stone is hand-carved and then hammered to create the desired shape.)

The couple wanted a ring that was simple to hold, durable and comfortable.

“I thought that if I did it right, I would be able to wear it with a skirt or a dress,” Marie says.

“But if you’re wearing a dress, you don`t want to wear a ring.”

Marie and John have two children, ages 3 and 5, who will be wearing the rings.

(Their engagement ring will be on display at the wedding, but Marie and other brides don’t want to get married in front of their kids.)

It all started with a ringmaking lesson.

They wanted to make a ring for their daughter, who was only 2.

“We had to make one for her to wear with a dress or with her shoes,” says John.

Marie, who is a fashion designer, says she was “bored” by the process and wanted to learn more.

“My wife was having trouble with a diamond in a diamond jewelry ring and I said, ‘You know, this might be good for you,'” she says.

Marie took some of her knowledge from her time as a fashion model, and she learned that the art of making rings was very basic.

“The most basic technique was to cut a hole in the center of the ring and drill a hole through it, which meant you could put the hole in your hand and it wouldn’t be a problem,” she says, adding that she also learned how to make rings from a few different types of stones, such as sapphires.

“And that was it.

You could make any size you wanted,” she adds.

Marie learned to make her own rings from the beginning.

“They’re so simple to make and it was fun,” she recalls.

“There’s nothing like making your own wedding rings, except for the fact they cost so little.”

Marie says she learned a lot from the people who made her own wedding bands, including the craftsmen she worked with.

But the hardest part was working with her husband.

“It was just too hard to tell him apart from anyone else,” Marie explains.

“He just had so many different pieces.”

Marie made her first ring in her basement.

She found the perfect shape for the rings, and it turned out to be the perfect size.

“You can’t get that with a stone that big,” she laughs.

“For the first couple of years, we were really, really happy with the ring.”

But the rings started to wear out very quickly.

“When it was time to replace them, we started having to take them off to get them new rings,” Marie recalls.

They eventually had to go to a jewelery shop, but there was a problem.

“Because the rings are so complicated, you can’t do it in one go,” Marie said.

“So we decided to just have a couple rings and let the jewelry company do it for us.

They made them in about four days.”

Marie has been working with the jewelers to keep her brides maid ring in perfect condition, so she can wear it again in the future.

Marie says her husband is now a happy, loving father of two daughters and one son.

“Being a bridal jewelry designer, you have to be very cautious,” she explains.

She also knows that it will be a challenge to get the ring engraved in a different stone every time.

“As soon as we got the rings we had to start getting them made again,” she continues.

“In the end, we just wanted them to be beautiful and beautiful they were.”

Marie can see that she’s making the right choice.

“With this ring, you get that lovely, beautiful ring that you’ve always wanted and you’re just not going to get it,” she said.

She says her only regret is that it took her so long to get her ring done.

“People just don’t see that the craftsmanship is really good and that’s what made it beautiful for me and my husband.”

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